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Covenantz, Inc. was founded as a Delaware corporation on February 27, 2020. Our core technology has delivered projects in one-third of the typical time for complex projects, creating acceleration, time compression, cost reduction, and increased portfolio capacity. Our technology provided a 15-25% carbon reduction on projects.

In October 2021, the company launched This new integrated platform revolutionizes how we design, create, capture cost savings to owners, and reduce capital risk while enabling a more focused and data-informed approach to the Built Environment and its carbon impact.

Our platform streamlines entire processes, from initial concept to final construction and lifecycle management. It allows financiers, owners, and insurance entities to mitigate risks before the money flows; we improve outcomes, exits, and expansions earlier in the build process. In addition, our platform enables stakeholders such as architects, engineers, and contractors to collaborate in real time, eliminating the need for the typical litany of non-productive meetings and costly delays while providing a record of accountability. We provide software developers, manufacturers, and suppliers with a network to share and innovate like never before. 

At its core, Covenantz is a SaaS AI/ML technology and business process founded on projects that have delivered schedule and cost savings of 30%, creating additional capacity for investors and significantly reducing financing and insurance costs.


Covenantz enables asset owners a step-function improvement in value:

·       Data Asset Management sovereignty – a fundamental shift allowing members to own, intellectually harvest, and monetize the value of their data.

·       Improved pre-project and in-situ cost management, enabled by the KiRegistry global data library of suppliers, materials, quality standards, and carbon provenance.


We deliver significant value for the public sector and private owners, insurers, and financiers responsible for infrastructure in the Built Environment and scalable well beyond, e.g., automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and more.


Numerous high-profile firms have opined on the opportunity and industry challenges; their solutions focus on advisory services, and none provide holistic and step-function value enablement:

  1. Deloitte –“2023 Engineering & Construction Outlook.”

  2. KPMG – “2023 Global Construction Survey.” 

  3. PwC – “Next in Engineering & Construction: Building new operating models for a cleaner, more profitable future.” 

  4. E&Y – “How Construction Companies Can Combined Profitable Growth with Net Zero.” 

  5. McKinsey – “Insights on Construction, Engineering and Building Materials.

  6. National Bureau of Economic Research, “The Strange and Awful Path of Productivity in the U. S. Construction Sector.


We are here to help solve industry problems – from the Built Environment (Construction/PPP markets) with scalability to broader government implementation, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, and others.

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