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We are guided by an operational and interpersonal set of ethics for both our company and the community of our growing ecosystem.

Integrity and Trust

We do what is right and assume goodwill – internally and externally – with verification as trust is established, building positive relationships, mutual problem-resolution capabilities, and beneficial business momentum thereafter.



We treat our customers, business partners, and employees with the respect and dignity we expect of each other. 


Mutual Respect for Risk

We respect, manage, and mitigate risks – ours and those faced by our customers and business partners.



Our ecosystem grows and succeeds through collaboration. All ecosystem members are empowered and expected to act in a mutually beneficial way toward advancing our shared Built Environment objectives.



We innovate through strategic agility. As a result, our employees, business partners, and customers understand the value of investors’ dollars, enabling us to collectively value and quickly pivot as market conditions and opportunities present themselves, succeeding and promptly executing on lessons learned.



We are candid, kind, constructive, and professional in driving business outcomes aligned with community objectives, growing our team, and creating a sustainable corporate ethos.

Service Orientation

We are ever mindful of changes to our employees, business partners, and customers’ operating and market circumstances. We expect our employees, partners, and customers to share the same improvement and service objectives through healthy relationships and communities supported by mutual consideration.


Work Ethic

We commit ourselves to our best efforts and quickly adjust as conditions warrant.

Environmental Conscience

We are equally mindful of our impact and opportunity to improve the global environment.


Team Development & Corporate Sustainability

The Company has adopted, embraced, and incorporated foundational cultural expectations to support its operational and financial objectives, sustainability, recruitment, and continued growth. Our Executive Leadership team shares a deeply and experientially driven cultural alignment, identifying, recruiting, developing, and retaining employees, business partners, and customers. 

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