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What is KiRegistry?

KiRegistry is a free integrated ecosystem for the Built Environment that allows "buyers" and "sellers" to collaborate in real-time to save time and money on projects while reducing carbon impact.

KiRegistry has three primary advantages to help you:

  1. Mitigate capital and completion risk on projects by 20-30%.

  2. Reduce carbon impact by up to 15% with geolocation provenance and our global product library. 

  3. Protect and monetize your data asset management (DAM) strategy.


What does KiRegistry cost?

Membership is free. Covenantz is compensated with a project disbursement fee, we capture your avoided costs and pass on the savings to you. As a result, the ROI to project sponsors is significant, while fees during construction are a marginal investment that pays for itself.


Sign up now and begin designing and creating your project. Then, once your project is ready to go to permits, you can engage our premium services for a small percentage of your project disbursements.

How do I get started?

Sign Up for your free account. Anyone can create a profile. Start or locate your project. Invite your team to collaborate. Begin designing and planning.


How does ERM work or impact project delivery to our global clients?

Our platform drives results and delivers Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") with three pillars:

(1) Risk Management (2) Resource Management and (3) Exchange Rate Mechanisms. Through our proprietary processes, these integrated pillars enhance time compression and profitability for all stakeholders.


How does KiRegistry help me with my digital data asset management (DAM)?

We create data-driven project/portfolio value for your organization. A typical company harvests your data for their exclusive use and economic benefit – you as the user and your project data assets are the actual commodity. KiRegistry is changing that dynamic. KiRegistry offers its members a more balanced economic experience. 

Data Asset Management (DAM) is acquiring, tracking, utilizing, optimizing, and creating leverage and value for your physical and digital assets. Data in all forms are your Gold, and it needs to be secure, which is why KiRegistry has partnered with Amazon to create assets for our Members.

Our architecture and development partnerships protect, preserve, and enhance your data – one of your most critical assets -- creating immediate project delivery economies and data-enabled revenue enhancement opportunities for your enterprise. In addition, we govern and protect Member data and enable our Members to monetize their data across the KiRegistry ecosystem, evolving user experience and value based on the entirety of KiRegistry Members.


Who owns and monetizes data on KiRegistry? 

The bottom line is – YOU do. KiRegistry creates project delivery economies and management insights for your near, intermediate, and longer-term portfolio investment decisions. You always own and control your data. Your data are your Gold. KiRegistry helps you understand, manage, and harvest its value with data security confidence.


KiRegistry stores Member data. How do we know it is secure?

Our ecosystem is built on Amazon Web Services ("AWS") and incorporates Amazon's highest degree of data security and its perpetual evolution. AWS is our strategic partner, providing our Members the confidence to securely run their businesses with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment. 


What is Aid Pledge?

KiRegistry allows our members to geolocate their resources and pledge services anywhere in the world. When there is a disaster or major event where aid or services are required, our members can pledge anything they have to contribute through the geolocation tool, informing emergency responders, government entities, and corporations so they may respond in a more timely and efficient way.


What are the KiRegistry Carbon Benefits?

KiRegistry is a global database for the Built Environment. Our library allows members to geolocate materials, suppliers, and the carbon quantification of their supply chains. This process is expected to reduce project carbon impacts by up to 15%.


How does KiRegistry create value for its Members?

Our members are private or investor-owned, policy-oriented, Public Private Partnership entities, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Bankers, Financiers, Suppliers and Members of the Built Environment.  KiRegistry provides a collaborative, transparent ecosystem so that they can have enhanced portfolio performance resulting in less carrying costs for their projects.  


My Company wants to explore your ecosystem before it commits. How do we join the KiRegistry community, and what are "Member" benefits and costs?

KiRegistry is free to our Members. Create an account and join the ecosystem. We encourage all prospective Members to explore our network, develop and build a thorough understanding of the KiRegistry advantages, and integrate projects and portfolios upon review and understanding of our commercial terms and benefits to your team. 


What is required to participate in and upload a project?

As an ecosystem Member, your designee will define and invite team members to provide upload and access privileges based on individual project specifications, portfolio and commercial requirements, and project dependencies. In addition, the KiRegistry AI and ML engine will monitor and inform your team on identifying and managing risk and creating more project value in near real-time. KiRegistry enables its Members to empower teams and enable participants to drive value into projects and portfolios on an enterprise and global scale. Data and reports are your tools, which we provide!


Are there standard project templates for our team to use?

KiRegistry has integrated the following internationally accepted and accredited templates for our Members based on project/investment size and requirements: 

Master 100, Master 50, Master 16, Title 17, Title 24, Master British


Can we get a tour of how to use KiRegistry?

We intend to have an easy-to-follow guided tour or information app to orient new members. We encourage members to explore and begin project creation. If you continue to have questions or prefer a tour, please contact us, and we can schedule a guided tour spanning project and portfolio integration, data, and network logic requirements. 


What Does our Team Need to Know for Maximum Value Creation?

KiRegistry Members are industry-savvy and highly competent participants in the Built Environment. We are educating, training, and growing the next generation of industry leaders through governance, order, organization, and transparency spanning significant elements of a project or portfolio, specifically: 

  • Ideation, specification, and entitlements

  • Architecture and engineering

  • Material specifications

  • Supply management and logistics

  • Financing, insurance, and risk management

  • Contractor and subcontractor management

  • Quality control, assurance, and inspection

  • Closeout and owner acceptance

  • O&M and repair/replacement quantification 

  • and incorporation into overall project and portfolio pro forma financials


KiRegistry supported by AI/ML engines will transform your next level of corporate and leadership development, sustainability and growth.


What if we already have project management products or tools?

We know you have invested in niche and project-specific/enabling products. We will help you integrate and optimize your prior investments within the KiRegistry ecosystem. Our Members have made investments that are not fully amortized, sitting on balance sheets, and employees enjoy the customer experience. KiRegistry will help you continue to create leverage from prior investments through API and data integration. KiRegistry is a holistic cross-industry solution. In partnership with participating solution providers, our technology enables integration of your project/program delivery through Application Programming Interfaces ("APIs"). Upon API of your existing and net-new solutions, KiRegistry's proprietary AI and ML technologies inform you of opportunities to reduce risk in near real-time, reducing latencies and creating value for you, your investors, and end-users.


What is the underlying web development technology for sustainability and longevity? 

KiRegistry is built to be scalable on economical web development platforms for immediate and sustainable application purposes. Contact us at for additional technical and commercial information on how to connect (API) into the KiRegistry marketplace. Our team will answer your questions and assist in your KiRegistry journey. 


My Company has participated in other API-enabled networks. How does KiRegistry compare economically?

KiRegistry ecosystem participants should anticipate an API integration cost of approximately 25% of the typical initial investment and ongoing annual fees subject to price inflator adjustments compared to other companies and similar transactions.


What is the relationship between KiRegistry and

KiRegistry is owned and powered by KiRegistry is a free integrated ecosystem for the Built Environment powered by Covenantz technologies. Members can begin, design, collaborate and specify for free. Once a project is ready for permitting, Members may engage our project management services for a small fee of total project disbursements. The Covenantz AI and ML engine tracks in real-time, notifies members of project risks and opportunities and enables optimization of project delivery economies to be acted on at member discretion. 



If you have a question that is not addressed here or need more information, please contact us at Your experience is paramount to our mutual success. We are listening – and appreciate your contribution! 

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