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Our technology delivered projects in 1/3 the time. This translates into project acceleration, cost reduction, and increased portfolio capacity. Our technology delivered 15-25% carbon reduction on projects. Members maximize ROI with integrated data and collaboration across silos that benefit from our proven technologies focused on time compression, project delivery, and carbon provenance.


We are compensated through a project disbursement fee while capturing your avoided costs and passing the savings to our clients and project members.


As a result, the return on investment (ROI) to project sponsors is significant, as are the IRR benefits to portfolios, while fees to us become a marginal investment that pays for itself.


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Common problems plaguing the Built Environment, what our ecosystem and platform do to address them, and the many benefits to our members:

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  • Explore over 11,000 projects around the world.

  • Assets estimated value over $26 trillion USD.

  • Free advertising from your member profile.

  • Explore our interactive map.

  • Become an Anchor Tenant (AT) with an EcoPortal.

  • Grow as a Global Build Partners (GBP) with an EcoPortal.

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