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Billions Lost  Daily

Billions of dollars are lost to waste, fraud, and mismanagement in the Built Environment.

Capital and completion risk, carbon mismanagement, data asset mismanagement and 60 years of industry decline.

Fragmented Industry

We can change the 60-year decline in construction.

What if you could accelerate your projects to profitable exits?

Project acceleration, carbon tracking, data asset monetization, and competitive advantage.

KiRegistry powered by Covenantz enables global sustainability initiatives, streamlines transparent transactions, and gives our members and customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Built Environment Ecosystem

Digital intelligence infrastructure, cross industry collaboration, human capital, and global sustainability..

Our Ecosystem is the first transactional network for the Built Environment, with a powerful platform for project acceleration, carbon tracking, and data asset monetization for project owners and creators.

KIREGISTRY is the network that enables real-time collaboration among buyers and sellers across industry silos.

COVENANTZ is the engine that accelerates project delivery, reduces costs, and enhances portfolio capacity.

KiRegistry Network

Our transactional ecosystem enables real-time project validation, cross-division collaboration, risk mitigation, data intelligence, state-of-the-art security, and the world's first Global Product Library with carbon provenance management. Our network gives our members/customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The KiRegistry Network is transactional and collaborative with covenant management, data intelligence, advanced security, carbon provenance and a global product library.

Real Projects & Real Results

Projects completed in 1/3 the time and cost

15-20% embodied carbon reduction on projects

Members maximize ROI/IRR portfolio benefits

Case Studies

8 month project competed in 90 days, and clients moved-in after 120 days.

Our workflow and methodology has proven time compression in the field.

111 Jackson Building in Oakland, California.

Case Study #1

  • Alameda County GSA Building, 1111 Jackson, Oakland, CA

  • Scope: Complete Interior Demolition, Retrofit and Rebuild (9 Floors + Basement)

  • Budget $20 million

  • Schedule 12 months

  • Completed in 3 months

Stevens Creek middle school in Cupertino, California.

Case Study #2

  • Stevens Creek Middle School, Cupertino School District, Silicon Valley

  • Scope: Demo and Rebuild Existing Interiors, site work, and landscaping

  • Budget $5 million

  • Schedule 8 months

  • Completed in 5 months - the first project delivered faster and under budget in over ten years

Additional projects were completed with similar results.

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