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If you're an owner, builder, investor, or among thousands of stakeholders in a large construction project, you'll agree with McKinsey that many projects typically complete at 27% over budget and over time. Most project owners and builders price in overruns and delays while tolerating waste and pollution as a rampant component of project delivery. The US$16 trillion global construction industry is historically a late adopter of technology, plagued by inadequate solutions perpetuating industry silos. Driving projects to completion has been a time-consuming manual task that leads to errors, cost overruns, extended carrying costs, and increased risk to all stakeholders.


What if this low-margin and inefficient "silo model" no longer needs to be the norm? What if new technologies are available today to mitigate overruns and delays while massively improving the return on investments (ROI) and lowering the carbon footprint of the world's Built Environment?  


Welcome to KiRegistry powered by Covenantz – a free integrated ecosystem for the Built Environment that allows "buyers" and "sellers" to collaborate in real-time across all industry silos to save time and reduce capital risk while increasing stakeholders' profitability and delivery. KiRegistry members establish a profile to collaborate anywhere in the world. Members can design, specify, and integrate all existing systems, retain data sovereignty, and build more within the same capital portfolio. 


Once your project goes live, the KiRegistry Covenantz engine powers up with Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and APIs for all your other systems to drive it to completion. We call this the Covenantz Time Compression Effect. KiRegistry members maximize ROI with their integrated data and collaboration across silos. Covenantz is compensated with a project disbursement fee. We capture your avoided costs and pass on the savings to you. As a result, the ROI to project sponsors is significant, while fees to the Company during construction are a marginal investment in comparison with the increased IRR to portfolios.

Our products and services help industry stakeholders to mitigate risks and create value for their projects. We accomplish this through a unique set of capabilities. We have an expert team of impressive AEC industry and Finance professionals who bring more than four decades of experience to deliver performance to the built world. Equally significant is our transactional network with Global Product Library, the only one of its kind. Our suite of eco-system tools and technology —combined with one of the largest project and product databases —allow industry leaders to make confident, data-driven decisions every day.


No other organization in the world has this combination of unique capabilities to advance cost-effective risk mitigation and carbon provenance across the Built Environment. Join KiRegistry and manage your project with the Covenantz engine to hedge completion risks and mitigate cost overruns from the early stages of your project to successful close-out. 

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